Reasonable Price Golf Course in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Phuket


Reasonable Price Golf Course in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket

Reasonable Price Golf Course in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket

Here at Golfthai, we believe that a great golf course shouldn’t just include a competition level layout or state of the art amenities. Most importantly, they should be reasonably priced and accessible to all. Here is our list of the most reasonably priced golf courses in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Phuket. Read on to see a break-down of our choices.



Affordable Golf Course in Chiang Mai

Affordable Golf Course in Chiang Mai

Most of Thailand is readily accessible to the world, and the Thai Highlands are no exception. Chiang Mai’s pleasant and cool weather prevails during the months of November through February, making it the right time to play some golf and find yourself a nice golf course. Here are Golfthai’s top picks for the most affordable golf courses in Chiang Mai.


1. North Hill Golf Club

North Hill Chiang Mai Golf Club is a golf course in Chiang Mai that promises to wow guests with an idyllic, modern way of living. This golf course is conveniently close to Chiang Mai International Airport, and has a full range of amenities. A friendly, homely golf course for families, corporate meetings, and people who want to relax while experiencing a challenging course.


2. Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort

Chiangmai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort is a golf course in Chiang Mai capitalizes upon the stunning natural beauty of the Thai Highlands to give golfers a full range of facilities, amenities, and a well maintained golf course. This affordable golf course also has a spa, so don’t forget to indulge in some post-game spa therapy!


3. Summit Green Valley Chiangmai

Summit Green Valley Chiangmai is a golf course that takes scenery and vibes to a whole new level. Designed to be challenging and relaxing at the same time, this golf course in Chiang Mai combines a mix of tasteful course design to create a breathtaking golf course to play on.


4. Alpine Golf Resort Chiangmai

Alpine Golf Resort Chiangmai combines the mountain vista views of Chiang Mai with a championship level golf course that appeals to the senses. The course was designed by Ronald M. Garl, and incorporates a paddy field layout, including holes available for all levels of play. Stay and play at Alpine and experience a golf course in Chiang Mai as it was meant to be played


Affordable Golf Course in Hua Hin

Affordable Golf Course in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a coastal town in Thailand with a long history of golfing dating back to 1924, when the first golf club opened. Hua Hin is also home to a number of affordable golf courses, further adding to the town’s appeal. Here are Golfthai’s picks for the best affordable golf courses in Hua Hin that are sure to make your weekend golfing much more interesting.


5. The Banyan Golf Club

The Banyan Golf Club is a golf course in Hua Hin that opened its doors in 2009. Banyan follows a new trend in which golf courses become more than just a place to tee off, combining residential spaces and a diverse range of restaurants. If there’s any golf club that embodies the phrase: “stay and play”, Banyan Golf Club is definitely one of them.


6. Springfield Royal Country Club

Springfield Royal Country Club is a Jack Nicklaus masterpiece, one of several the American golfing legend has made over the years. This golf course in Hua Hin is well maintained and is quite welcoming to golfers of all skill levels. For those interested in amenities, this golf course has a clubhouse with great dining options and even a spa and fitness center.


7. Black Mountain Golf Club

Black Mountain Golf Club is not a newcomer to Hua Hin’s golfing scene. Founded as part of Swedish businessman Stig Notlöv’s dream to create the ultimate golf course in Hua Hin, this golf course even includes an international school on its grounds. If you’re looking for a long term stay in Hua Hin centered around golf, we recommend Black Mountain Golf Club for its thriving community and wide range of facilities and amenities.


Affordable Golf Course in Phuket

Affordable Golf Course in Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s critically acclaimed destinations, renowned for its picture-perfect beach destinations and a thriving golfers’ community. Golf course vacations have given rise to premium golf courses in Phuket, but these diamonds in the rough are quite affordable and can enhance your golfing experience significantly.


8. Laguna Phuket Golf Club

Laguna Phuket Golf Club is situated in an area of Phuket surrounded by hotels, which makes it easy to reach by shuttle. Other than being within driving distance of several hotels, a big appeal for this golf course in Phuket is the wide range of services and amenities. Interested in playing golf but not sure where to start? This golf course also has its very own PGA-certified golf instructors, who can walk you through the process from start to finish!


9. Blue Canyon Country Club Lake Course

Blue Canyon Country Club is a golf course in Phuket designed to embody passion for golf and the premium lifestyle that it gives. This golf course was designed with a Japanese touch, with much of the course grounds preserving the surrounding nature while enhancing it in a way that provides challenges for golfers. Amenities and facilities make use of Japanese minimalism of cultural motifs, which add a lot of character to an already amazing golf course.


10. Loch Palm Golf Club

Loch Palm Golf Club is a golf course in Phuket near the world famous Patong Beach. Other than its unique use of colonial-style architecture in its buildings, the modern amenities of Loch Palm are situated on a peaceful golf course that draws in residents and locals. An open and forgiving course promotes golf for all levels of play, while a customer-oriented staff ensures that you can tee off your worries in peace.



Phuket is a golf vacationer’s dream destination, and the warm, tropical climate barely scratches why this island is so popular. The golf courses in Phuket are designed by some of the biggest names in golfing, and many golf courses even include amenities for non-golfers. Whether you’re here for tee off or just looking to indulge in some good old tropical vacation, Phuket’s golf courses have something for everyone.

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