Closest Golf Courses to Downtown Bangkok

Best Golf Course Near Downtown Bangkok believes that golf is a sport for everyone. With over 300 golf courses listed on our website, it’s probably no surprise that you’re wondering which ones you should visit, especially in Bangkok. Here is our curated list of Bangkok’s best golf courses.


10 Golf course near downtown Bangkok

Downtown Bangkok, sometimes affectionately nicknamed the Big Mango, is an internationally renowned destination for tourists the world over. Tourists come from many backgrounds, but many also come to Thailand to visit a golf course in Bangkok. With the increasing popularity of golf vacations, many golf courses in the country have geared up to make unforgettable stay and plays and attract golf vacationers.


1.Summit Windmill Golf Club

Situated in the Samut Prakan district, Summit Windmill Golf Club is a hotel and residential resort within a short driving distance from Bangkok. With a focus on combining luxury with Thailand’s contemporary Asian designs, this golf course’s fully furnished residences are within easy reach of Sukhumvit and various industrial estates, making it an ideal golf course for those who want to experience business and leisure in equal measure.


2.Thana City Golf & Country Club

Located along Samut Prakan’s Bang Na Trad Highway, Thana City Golf & Country Club opened its doors to the world in 1993. Designed by former golfer Greg Norman, the country club’s rebranding focused its appeal on fitness and lifestyle, providing a variety of activities and amenities to guests. Today, Thana City Golf & Country Club is a leading venue for company retreats, meetings, and also competitions.


3.Muang Kaew Golf Course

Verdant parklands, pristine lakes. An oasis of green all within the heart of the city. This is Muang Kaew Golf Course. Located in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli District, this golf course was masterfully designed by the Schmidt-Curley Company to give golfers a chance to reconnect with nature. A bevy of luxury golf courses and suites help give this golf course a home-away-from-home experience.


4.Nikanti Golf Club

Nikanti Golf Club is a golf course in Nakhon Pathom that follows a specific theme: to help golfers “cling to the state of delightfulness,” or Nikanti in Pali. In the spirit of its namesake, Nikanti features state of the art facilities and amenities all topped off by contemporary modern architectural themes that enhance and delight in the golfing experience.


5.Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club

Ayuthaya has many golf clubs, but the Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club is something worth mentioning on our list. Featuring the design talents of the venerable Schmidt-Curley Design, this golf course takes nature and modern minimalism, putting them together in a way that blends seamlessly with Ayutthaya’s landscape, creating a relaxing vibe - perfect for nice morning tee times.


6.Panya Indra Golf Club

Located along Panya Indra Road, the Panya Indra Golf Club was designed by the Ronald Feam Group and follows the Panya Group’s philosophy of golfing: to build a championship golf course for all golfers. The course is situated in the Kha Na Yao District, which is one of the quieter parts of Bangkok. For those looking to tee off in peace while still near Bangkok’s busier areas, This golf course is yours to experience.


7.Thai Country Club

Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thai Country Club is a championship-grade golf course featuring premium facilities and a challenging course for seasoned pros. The course has consistently hosted domestic and international tournaments that attract some of the best golfers, and has also been voted as one of the top clubs in the country. This country club notably has a helipad, meaning you can arrive in style.


8.Suwan Golf & Country Club

Suwan Golf & Country Club was designed on the basis of being challenging and exciting, which you will definitely experience once you step foot on this course. Using next generation materials in their course construction, Suwan Golf & Country Club brings to the table sloping dramatic greens and a hilly layout - challenge and excitement in equal measure.


9.Cascata Country Club

Cascata Country Club was designed based on the premise of showing the world Thailand’s tropical beauty in the form of a golf course. True to this vision, Cascata’s designer Dr. Thanawat Saprungreung and his team set to work and turned a rice paddy into a Scottish-style golf course, all the while tastefully incorporating Thai elements into what the course designers call a “Tropical link course”. has added this course to our list not just because of its creative course design, but also because of the challenge the course offers to newcomers and pros alike.


10.The Vintage Club

True to its name, the Vintage Club was designed in the classic 18-hole 72-par layout that most golf courses are familiar with. Designed by Arthur Hills and Association of America and owned by the Central Group, the golf course echoes this vintage theme with their facilities, using elegant furniture and tiling to give guests the premium feel of an archetypal golf club from a bygone era. This course has made it on our list for being accessible for all levels of play.



Bangkok is a wonderful city to play golf. A wide variety of golf courses coupled with the city’s relatively inexpensive cost of living makes it perfect for a golf tour. Additionally, Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city with many attractions aside from golf courses, such as shopping and dining. Book with now and take the first step in a stress-free golf tour in Thailand.

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