Dream Luxury Golf Course in Bangkok-Pattaya


Most Luxurious Golf Course in Bangkok-Pattaya

Thailand is renowned for some of the best attractions in the world. Conveniently, it also has several of the best-known golf courses in Thailand. Whether you’re just a traveler looking to pass the time with a few rounds or a seasoned veteran seeking a challenging golf course, Golfthai.com has you covered with our list of the most luxurious golf courses in Thailand.



Best Time to Play Golf in Thailand

If there’s one thing golfers keep in mind before hitting the greens, it’s doing a weather check and checking to see how busy a golf course can be during the high and low season. Thailand’s tropical climate can be divided into three seasons, with March-May being the hot season, June-October being the rainy season, and the cool season occurring from November till February. Golf courses in Bangkok are busiest during the cool season due to the pleasant weather, so plan your golfing vacations accordingly!


Luxury Golf Course in Bangkok

Most golfers will have played through a variety of golf courses over the years. The growth of the sport has led to an increase in golf courses in Bangkok offering a premium experience. With such a large number of options, you might be wondering which one you should choose. Let Golfthai.com help you decide with our curated selection of luxury golf courses in Bangkok.


1. Siam Country Club Bangkok

Part of the iconic  Siam Country Club marque, Siam Country Club Waterside opened its doors to the world in 2019, and follows the familiar 18-hole 72-par layout that is a staple of many golf courses in Thailand. Waterside’s golf course is under continuous development by IMG Golf Course Design, following Siam Country Club’s desire to ensure that it provides a challenge while keeping the course grounds respectful of nature.


2. Thai Country Club

Thai Country Club has graced our pages before, and this golf course in Thailand has played host to tournaments involving some of the region’s best golfers and international professionals. The golf course is notable for its incredible range of services and well trained staff. Thai Country Club is private and members-only, so if you want to experience a country club with great options and staff, Thai Country Club could be yours to experience.


3. Nikanti Golf Club

Golf is an elegant sport that promotes patience as one of its central tenets. Nikanti Golf Club examines this tenet, then uses it as part of its vision: provide a premium golf course experience and underscore it with the most lavish of accommodations. A mixture of modern minimalism, state of the art facilities, and pastel colors come together in a masterful display of tasteful opulence.


4. Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club

The Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club is one of a few (and growing) list of golf courses in Thailand that are located in the historic province of Ayutthaya. Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club takes the definition of premium and gives it in spades. This golf course can make for a perfect home base while you explore and immerse yourself in Ayutthaya’s place in the history of Thailand.


5. Alpine Golf & Sport Club

Alpine Golf & Sport Club is a golf course in Thailand that has hosted tournament winners such as Tiger Woods. If there is one thing to describe what Alpine offers, it would be challenged. The course was designed to get people to be at the top of their craft in order to score well. An ideal golf course for those who are seeking to challenge themselves.


Luxury Golf Course in Pattaya

Luxury Golf Course in Pattaya

Pattaya is another popular golfing destination in Thailand. Home to a sizable expat community, the pleasant weather and the wide range of activities has given rise to a healthy golfing scene and just as many golf courses in Thailand. Here’s Golfthai’s very own list of golf courses to help you spice up that Pattaya golfing trip you’ve always wanted.


6. Chee Chan Golf Resort

Chee Chan Golf Resort is a  golf course in Thailand situated next to Chee Chan Mountain, famed for its stupa and golden engraving of the Lord Buddha. The golf course not only promotes the beauty and splendor of Chee Chan Mountain, but also gives golfers a chance to immerse themselves in Thailand’s rich Buddhist heritage.


7. Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course

Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course is one of Siam Country Club Pattaya’s latest golf courses in Thailand, following the brand’s tradition of reflecting its history through all of its golf courses. The Old Course is the marque’s attempt at a classic-style golf course, putting as much emphasis on a natural style instead of the rugged elements that courses typically feature these days. Part of the Old Course’s glories include hosting the 2021 LPGA, during which Ariya Jutanugarn claimed the championship title.


8. Siam Country Club Pattaya Plantation

The Siam Country Club Pattaya brand carries with it a storied history and prestige. Its Plantation golf course can be considered as the marque’s acknowledgement of this course’s origins. Built upon the old plantations that grew tapioca, pineapple, and sugarcane, this golf course in Thailand gives you a deeper look into Siam Country Club Pattaya and its place as one of the region’s best golf courses.


9. Siam Country Club Waterside

Waterside is Siam Country Club Pattaya’s interpretation of what a golf course in Thailand should look like when using bodies of water as a key element in its construction. True to its namesake, much of the course has ponds and lakes, with rounds taking place next to them. Simple, elegant, and straightforward. The ideal golf course for players who want a mix of tranquility and tradition during tee time.


10. Laem Chabang Country Club

Laem Chabang International Country Club might ring a bell to you upon first glance. With an emphasis on blending into Pattaya’s nature, this golf course in Thailand has three different environments of varying difficulty and holes that blend quite well into them. Want to experience what Chonburi has to offer? Visit this golf course and be amazed.



Pattaya is one of the top destinations for golfers and tourists alike, with warm weather, affordable housing, and many recreational activities to partake in. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into golf, Pattaya’s golf courses have something for everyone, so go out there and get ready to tee off in paradise.

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