Booking & Cancellation Fees

There is no fee for cancellation or change the Golf Thai!

However, if there is a penalty on the golf & country club, we will do our best to help you avoid the penalty, but if there is a penalty, the amount excluding the penalty may be refunded or may not be fully refundable.

Golf Booking Change and Cancellation Fees

  • ㆍBefore payment : No fee
    ㆍAfter payment : Golf Thai do not charge any fees, only the penalties charged by the golf & country club.
  • ※ Cancellation policies can be viewed on the booking page and invoice for each product.
  • ※ Cancellation date calculation is based on business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in Thailand.
  • ※ Guaranteed bookings (non-refundable reservations, etc.) announced in advance are non-refundable in full, regardless of the remaining period.
  • ※ Cancellations due to inclement weather during the round will not be refunded.
  • ※ Some condition-specific promotions may incur additional costs on site if the conditions are incorrect. (Thai only, women-only promotions, etc.)
  • ※ Please note that in the case of frequent changes and cancellations more than 2 times, the golf & country club may impose a penalty even if it is a fully refundable date.