Booking Questions

Please close your web browser and reopen Golfthai.com.
If you can't log in after clearing your cache, please use a different browser.
If you're still having trouble logging in, please contact us by email.

Please search for the Golf & Country Club you want on the Thai Golf website.
Please select the date and number of people at the Golf & Country Club you want to make a booking and (click) Book.
If you need to check the availability of the booking, we will send you an invoice after checking it.
Please pay after receiving the invoice.
When the payment is completed, we will send you a voucher after confirming the booking to the Golf & Country Club.
Please refer to the date, tee off time, number of people, and details of the voucher and present your voucher at the front desk on the day.

Close the entire web browser you are using and access the Golfthai.com again.
If you experience the same problem again, please delete the browser's cache.
If you continue to have problems, please contact us by email.

(1) If the booking is not confirmed.
Please leave the existing booking as it is and proceed with the new booking.
(2) If the booking is confirmed, please click Change Request on the booking history page to leave a message what you want to change After checking whether it is possible to change to a Golf & Country Club.
If change is possible - we will send you a new voucher after confirming the change request.
If it is not possible to change - we will keep your existing booking and re-inform you.
Payment Questions

(1) After accessing the booking details page, please press the payment button of the product you want to pay for.
The payment button is created only after you receive the invoice.
(2) After selecting the payment method you want, you can proceed with the payment.
-When paying with a credit card, please fill in your card information before proceeding. -Card information requires card type, number, security code (CVV), expiration date, cardholder name, and name of the bank issuing the card. etc
-When making a direct deposit, please make a deposit to the listed account and contact us by email or phone.
(3)Depending on your bank's security system, you may be asked for an OTP (one-time password). Generally, you can receive it through mobile SMS, etc., and please write the received OTP code or number in the relevant field.
If you do not receive the SMS, please contact your bank.
(4) Once the payment is completed, the booking will be confirmed, and the voucher will be sent to you by email when the payment process is completed.

Payment is available. If you encounter any problems, please contact your bank. If there are no problems with other online payments, please contact us by email.

(1) First, please check your booking details to see if payment is available.
(2) If the problem is with your credit card, please contact your bank.
(3) You can try a different payment method.

(1) After payment, Thai golf will proceed with the Golf & Country Club to confirm.
(2) Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with your voucher.
(3) If your booking is not confirmed or your preferred time slot is not available, you can inform you of the available time or request a cancellation or refund.
(4) After confirmation, you can play after presenting the voucher you received at the Golf & Country Club.

(1) Check the spam folder in your email.
(2) Access the Golfthai.com and check the voucher for the confirmed booking.

To request a tax invoice for a golf booking, you must do so by email.
-Company name
-Company address
-Tax ID number
-Phone number and email
signinQuestions about the Golf & Country Club(Golf Course)

First, if you have shown your voucher to theGolf & Country Club staff and are still unable to confirm your booking, please contact us at the phone number below.

For bookings for 2 people, most of them are joined. If the Golf & Country Club requests a join, you must comply with it, and if you do not comply, you may be penalized. The Golfthai.com shall not be liable for any resulting disadvantages.
Cancellation, rain check and refund questions

First, cancellation requests can be made on the booking history page in the Golfthai.com and will be processed according to the rules of each Golf & Country Club. If there is a non-cancellable period or a penalty period, no refund may be issued or a penalty may apply. In this case, we will confirm the customer's intention once again before canceling. Refunds will be processed using the same method as the payment method.

Rain check rules are different for each Golf & Country Club, so they only apply according to the rules of the Golf & Country Club you play. Golfthai.com is not concerned with these regulations and is not responsible for them. This means that depending on the rules of the Golf & Country Club, a rain check may or may not be issued. More detailed rain check regulations can be found in the product information.
Other questions

On Request - Available - Confirming (Confirm Order) - Proceed with the status Confirmed.
In addition, there are statuses such as Release, Full, Amend Order, Cancel Order, and Canceled.
(1) On Request - A situation where it is necessary to confirm the availability of the requested date and time slot.
(2)Available - The status of the booking is available, the availability has been confirmed with the Golf & Country Club, or payment is automatically enabled. Payment available.
(3)Confirming - After payment is completed, the Golfthai.com is requesting confirmation from the Golf & Country Club. Payment Available.
(4)Confirmed - Confirmed and the voucher has been sent to your email. It will be changed to the status even when confirmed after the change request. Payment available.
(5)Release - booking closed automatically due to non-payment. Payment is not possible. If you wish to proceed with the booking, you must contact Golfthai.com or proceed with a new booking.
(6)Full - booking is not available on the requested date.
(7) Amend Order - A change request has been made at the customer's request. Payment is not possible.
(8) Cancel Order - A state in which a cancellation request has been made at the customer's request.
(9)Canceled - Cancellation is complete.

※ If you have any further questions about non-payment, you can contact us by email at Golfthai.com or contact us using the contact details below.