Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa

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Green fee 1,900THB~

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Basic Information

18 Holes / 72 Par / 7170 Yard
Jack Nicklaus
Opening Year
Distance and travel time from downtown
27 km / 35 min​​
Distance and travel time from the airport
200 km / 170 min
Optional Cart
Mandatory use / Available staff 1person / Fairway No entry ​​​​
Closed day
None ​
Rounding persons per team
Weekday : 5 person / Weekend : 5 person​
Golf Cart , SwimmingPool , Massage , Pro Shop , Hotel/Resort ​​​​​
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Holidays ※Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, Weekend rates applied.

  • 2024-08-12(Mon) / Her Majesty the Queen Mother's Birthday
  • 2024-07-29(Mon) / King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday Holiday
  • 2024-07-22(Mon)~2024-07-23(Tue) / Asahna Bucha Day & Khao Phansa Day *
  • 2024-06-03(Mon) / Queen Suthida's Birthday
  • 2024-05-22(Wed) / Visakha Bucha Day

Kirimaya Golf & Resort Spa

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa is a seamless blend of golf and contemporary Khao Yai living. The word Kirimaya comes from a fusion of the two words kiri and maya, which when put together translates into “illusions of the mountains.” Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa intends to give guests an experience like no other when they walk through its doors - a dreamlike journey where the splendour of Khao Yai’s nature captivates and gives people the most unforgettable experience.

Course layout

Kirimaya Golf & Resort Spa layout

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa was established in 2004 and was designed by Jack Nicklaus. With a yardage of 7170, the course features a familiar 18-hole, 72-par layout and is possibly one of the most natural courses in Thailand. Lush forests and wooded hills give golfers a chance to appreciate the stunning Khao Yai scenery, something which helps guests at Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa’s feel much closer to nature during their stay on the course. Because this is a Jack Nicklaus designed course, golfers must make use of a mix of course management and plan their tees carefully. All in all, a combination of a challenging layout interwoven with the natural landscape of Khao Yai makes this course not just a thrill to play, but also one to appreciate.

Score Card

Kirimaya Golf & Resort Spa Score Card

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa Amenities and Facilities

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa offers the following amenities, services, and facilities to its guests.

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa - Kirimaya the Resort

Kirimaya the Resort is the onsite residence for guests at the resort. Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa offers accommodations in three versions, namely rooms, tented villas, and suites, which all follow the resort’s theme of contemporary luxury and the idylls of mountain living. Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa believes in the fusion of nature meeting art, and each accommodation makes use of pastel and earth tones, as well as a view to Khao Yai’s landscape.

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa - Muthi Maya

Muthi Maya comes from the words muthi and maya, which relate to themes of elevated understanding (muthi) and illusion (maya). With this theme in mind, Muthi Maya is Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa’s way to give its guests a way to reconnect with their inner thoughts. The resort accomplishes this through the natural beauty of its forest pool villas, which provide both privacy and peace for guests at Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa.

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa - Atta the Condo

Atta is a series of contemporarily designed low-rise buildings that continues Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa’s theme of providing guests inner peace amidst Khao Yai’s mountain landscape. Fully furnished, each of the condos feature the best amenities and make excellent holiday homes during the winter and summer months.

Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa - Dining

Myth Restaurant is an airy, al fresco restaurant located in Muthi Maya’s upper level lobby. The restaurant serves Italian cuisine and has a selection of wines that guests at Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa are sure to enjoy. Myth Restaurant is the ideal place to wine and dine at Kirimaya Golf Resort & Spa for just about any occasion.

Location Information

  • Thanarat Rd., Moo-Si, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima

  • +66-4442 6099, 044426000