Golf Season in Thailand: Finding the Best Times to Tee Off

Golf Weather in Thailand

Thailand’s tropical climate offers a diverse range of challenges for golfers to indulge in. Many people often joke that Thailand only has three seasons, all of which are varying degrees of heat and humidity. There is more to this weather than sun and rain, and choosing the best time to play golf is just as important as selecting the club you use on the greens. Join GolfThai as we give you a primer on the best time to play golf in Thailand.


Golf Season in Thailand and You

One thing to keep in mind about golf seasons in Thailand is that your preparations extend far beyond your documentation, golfing equipment, and accommodations. Although the weather in Thailand is fairly stable, it’s important to keep in mind golf weather conditions before you embark on your tropical tee-off in paradise.


What are the Best Times to Play Golf

Compared to other countries, Thailand is warm and humid throughout the year, but for the discerning golfer, there are plenty of opportunities to take your golf club and enjoy a round or two during other times of the year. When thinking about the best times to tee off, golf weather in Thailand can be divided into three distinct seasons, which are:


1. Rainy Season: The Optimal Golf Season For Tee-Time?

Thailand’s rainy season might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for the ideal golf season, but hear us out and let us explain. Spanning from June to October, Thailand’s rainy season makes up part of the country’s low season, making it perfect for those who want to beat the heat, and the crowds, and take advantage of lowered green fees. 

Although it may not be the best time to play golf, don’t let this new experience stop you from having a good time. Grab an umbrella, take your golf club, and prepare to experience the unique joys of golfing in the rain.


2. Cool Season:  The Best Time to Play Golf? 


Many golfers flock to Thailand during the cool season, which lasts from November to February. With minimal humidity, plenty of sunshine, and a lingering chill in the air, the pleasant weather is just one reason why it's considered the best time to play golf. It's no coincidence that the cool season is also part of Thailand's high season for tourists. 

To truly experience the cool season in Thailand, we recommend playing golf in Chiang Mai. The Thai Highlands are exceptionally pleasant in the cool season, and many a good game can be had during the morning chill. If you intend to play during this golf season, we recommend planning your tee-off, as the green fees can be steep!


3. Hot Season: Challenging Golf Weather?

One could argue that even when the seasons change, Thailand is always hot. The relentless summer heat, lasting from March to May, might not seem like the ideal golf weather, but there is a certain charm to a summer golf season. One reason for this is the lower green fees, and of course, the delightful sunsets. If you do intend to brave Thai summers and play golf, don't forget to stay hydrated, use sunscreen on your skin, and consider bringing a cap or an umbrella.


Finding the best time to play golf in Thailand is ultimately up to the individual golfer and how they want to play their game. Just as many golfers will flock to Thailand during the coveted cool season, there are a handful who may be interested in playing during the low season, where there are fewer crowds and affordable green fees. One thing is certain, and that is come rain or shine, playing golf in Thailand will always be one of life’s simple pleasures. 

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